About US



Design the box for others to think out of.

who we are

TWENTY•>TEN was founded by a team of successful marketers, graphic designers, and web designers with a superb skill in combining urban lifestyle perspectives. Through the use of modern technology and grass root tactics, your message will effectively reach your target audience.

As a fully integrated promotional marketing firm, we’re dedicated to developing and executing trendsetting business solutions that speak to multicultural consumers and drive sales for our clients. We are committed to building brands, creating consumer pull and supporting local sales organizations–all while embracing cultures, educating stakeholders and, of course, having fun.

Architects of popular social trend and thought
Curators of programming to inspire and motivate consumers into action
Trendsetters to guide brands into the new spaces before the competition
Passion for our clients and the communities which we serve
Results driven to show value to our client partners

our strengths

The success of TWENTY•>TEN is rooted in the belief that the best way to reach consumers is not just by making potential customers aware of our clients’ product, but to actually bring the product to the public in a way that ignites a trend.  A TWENTY•>TEN Trend is started through exploiting the "law of the few," creating a message that is memorable and moves consumers to action, and promotes your product in a context where the target market is most susceptible to receiving and retaining your message.