Our vision is to design the box for others to think out of.


20.10 Media is a full service marketing company that specializes in, and is committed to, creating and implementing unique and innovative full integration strategies that speak directly to the consumer. We continuously originate, recreate and escalate the demand of our clients’ brands, products, and services through innovative, creative, productive, and trendsetting techniques as market makers.

20.10 Media was founded by a team of successful marketers, graphic designers, and web designers with a superb skill in combining urban lifestyle perspectives. Through the use of modern technology and grass root tactics, your message will effectively reach your target audience.


20.10 Media's success is rooted in the belief that the best way to reach consumers is not just by making potential customers aware of our clients’ product, but to actually bring the product to the public in a way that ignites a trend.  A 20.10 Trend is started through exploiting the "law of the few," creating a message that is memorable and moves consumers to action, and promotes your product in a context where the target market is most susceptible to receiving and retaining your message.