In a world where we are bombarded with corporate messages every second of the day it is important for  brands  to send a message that is clear and unforgettable. 20.10 Media develops and executes innovative promotional campaigns that meet our client’s brand or product specific goals. To ensure our client’s campaigns make a memorable impact, we utilize top quality promotional products while using fresh new approaches.


20.10 Media is committed to working closely with all engaged clients to develop relevant multi-cultural programming or bring their existing MC strategies to life. 20.10 has extensive experience reaching and working with African American, Hispanic, Asian and LGBT consumer segments to drive brand value and often incremental sales opportunities for our clients.

Much of our multi-cultural marketing successes are based on a technique called, “CultureCurativism™.” “CultureCurativism™” is an “inside-out” marketing methodology, focused on the art of engagement and inclusion. Transcending race, consciousness and culture, it places target audiences at the center of every campaign and turns everyday consumers into empowered individuals.

As CulturalCurators working in support of your company, they will use their skills as cross-cultural communicators, to directly engage target audiences, deliver specific talking points, and solidify branding.


One avenue that has demonstrated proven success for  brands  is to captivate an audience of their customers with an impressive experience associated with their product. 20.10 Media promotes and produces successful events throughout the country for clients looking for a way to profitably link their products and services with the culture and lifestyle of a larger, more diversified consumer base.


20.10 Media has strong ties to the media on both national and local levels. To ensure overall communication goals are met television and, or radio can be incorporated into any marketing strategy through our commercial production and media advertisement time purchasing.


Whether it is age, sex, race, or shoe size, 20.10 Media takes pride in our ability to conduct market research to locate any demographic and develop a strategic plan that produces a quality return on investment for our clients.

Our marketing reach extends even into the virtual world of the internet. Through the combined efforts of our creative development and our technology teams, 20.10 Media reaches potential customers in a way that’s innovative and cutting-edge. Our internet marketing service focuses on promoting your service, brand, or product via viral marketing on social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.